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Meet the Makers

Welcome to Galtee Resin Art! We are husband and wife team, William & Siobhan. I am the creative one, while William is the practical one. William's task is creating our wooden serving boards and candle blocks, whilst mine is adding that resin finesse and the finer artistic details. 


Galtee Resin Art was born out my desire and dream to create! I predominantly use epoxy resin as well as other fluid mediums such as liquid acrylics and alcohol inks, I am self taught in these mediums! Having studied primary school teaching in Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, I always had a creative drive and loved channelling that into the classroom. Resin as a medium is so diverse in it's uses. Our work includes functional art that can be used in the home, from serving boards to candle blocks. I also create artworks for display, along with paper originals, prints & jewellery.

Having lived in Australia for 7 years and seeing how beautiful resin art is, it inspired me to explore this medium even more, as the years passed and my career path changed from teaching to the corporate world, my desire to create grew deeper.  Upon moving back to Ireland in 2017  with a four month old baby in tow, I knew it was something I had to pursue, (once we got over the sleepless nights of course!)  I wondered if that moment would ever come..


Thankfully it has, being a stay at home Mum is to a energetic 5 year old & a curious 15 month old, art has given me a creative outlet that I absolutely love. Resin and fluid art is such an intriguing art form, each piece is entirely unique and that in itself, makes each artwork special. 

My favourite pieces are inspired by the ocean, having lived in Western Australia, along one of the most beautiful coastlines, those oceanic colours speak to my soul- cliched maybe, but there is definitely something in the words 'Vitamin Sea'.


Now living by the Galtee Mountains in Co. Tipperary, in the south of Ireland, we are surrounded by an ever changing landscape, the year brings colours to life in our backyard - lucky we are to be living in an area of such natural beauty, providing inspiration every day.

Join us on our journey and thanks for supporting this little dream! 

Siobhan, William


 Isla & Marlie (makers in training)

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