Face to Face Resin Art Workshops are Back!!!

Our first workshop is being held at the fabulous Block T in Dublin on May 14th- check out their website, an amazing space- it looks so creative & so uplifting!

The beginner workshop will run from 10am-3pm approx. The morning will start with a brief demonstration & chat about resin, pigments, safety etc. before we dive right into our coasters, this will give you an opportunity to create a few small pieces and experiment with colour and technique.

We will break for lunch then get back to completing our serving tray. This is a great starter piece and will again allow you to use different pigments and techniques. Once everyone has completed their tray, we will a chat & answer questions you may have!

Since resin takes 24 hours to cure- I will collect the pieces the day after, and post to you once fully cured! This is included in your course cost.

Imagine the lovely surprise when your completed pieces arrive in the post a few days later 🥰👌.

I am literally bursting with excitement and cannot wait to share the mystery of resin with you all.

Remember our Early Bird Discount is valid until the end of February. Use 'EBD' at the checkout.

Any questions, pop me message on instagram or via

Siobhan 😊

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